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Yates Landscape Lighting is an Ottawa Landscape Lighting company that is based out of Manotick. They have won the 2019 Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence for Landscape Lighting Design & Installation over $30,000.

Outdoor living spaces continue to expand and evolve. Highlighting the investment you have made in your professionally landscaped property increases its beauty, security and value. Nothing beautifies your home like exterior lighting. The purpose of LED low voltage lighting is to unify the relationship between your home and the landscaping. We can impose a dramatic effect or a subtle and elegant look to adapt your environment to evoke a particular mood or place to sooth you.

When choosing to light up your outdoor living area there are three main points to focus on. They are quality of the design, quality of the light fixtures and quality of installation.

At Yates Landscape Lighting, we have the whole package. Award winning designs, solid brass lighting fixtures and an installation staff that focuses on the small things in order for you to have minimal maintenance in the long term.

Award of Excellence - Yates Landscape Lighting
Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence Winner 2019

Our Landscape Lighting Styles

Step Lighting - Yates Landscape Lighting

Step Lighting

Designed for safety. Step lighting will clearly illuminate the steps designed into your living space.

Ottawa Landscape Lighting Services - Yates Sprinklers


Shadowing utilizes the shadow created by a tree or object to enhance a design.

Moonlighting - Yates Landscape Lighting


Moonlighting can be used to create the shadowing patterns of a moonlight night.

Wall Washing Lighting - Yates Landscape Lighting

Wall Washing

Wall washing is the effect of illuminating an entire surface evenly to create a beautiful and subtle glow.

UpLighting - Yates Landscape Lighting


Architectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below.

Downlighting - Yates Landscape Lighting


Downlighting is illuminating an object or surface from above.

Graze Lighting - Yates Landscape Lighting

Graze Lighting

Graze lighting is used to highlight and enhance interesting textures and architectural elements.

Area Lighting - Yates Landscape Lighting

Area Lighting

Area lighting is used to enhance flower beds and illuminate pathways.

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Shadow Lighting - Yates Landscape Lighting

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